E-fuels must be part of EU directive


By Lars Udby, CEO at Hydrogen Valley

For a while it looked like the production and usage of electro fuels weren’t going to be included in the calculations of how much we reduce our CO2 emissions. This is despite […]

From wind power to green hydrogen


By Lars Udby

Denmark gets advanced hydrogen factory
This spring, Hydrogen Valley/CEMTEC unveiled the news that the world’s leading gas producer Air Liquide, together with Danish and international partners, will build one of Europe’s biggest and […]

Hydrogen holds enormous promise


In September 2015, Tejs Laustsen Jensen took up the position as Managing Director of The Danish Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. We have met with Tejs and asked him a few questions about his […]

Solar and wind is not enough


By Lars Udby, CEO at Hydrogen Valley – Knowledge and Business Center

In 2012 a new energy agreement was passed in Denmark, which aims at making Denmark independent of fossil fuels in the energy and […]