We strive to transform the Danish climate visions in to action

How can hydrogen and biogas take part in the green transition of the Danish energy system? This is our main focus in Hydrogen Valley.
We conduct and assist in activities and contribute to job-creation together with national- and international partners.

Project collaboration develops new software for hybrid back-up power systems


A new software system has been developed in the CrossCut project. The operational software system can estimate commercial and technical consequences of the different combinations of lithium-ion batteries and lead-based batteries in the hybrid solutions.

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The Ambassador of India to Denmark visited the HyBalance site


Ambassador of India to Denmark, Mr. Ajit Gupte visited the HyBalance hydrogen facility on January 4, 2018, to learn more about how the green hydrogen is being produced in Hobro, Denmark.

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New short video about the HyBalance project


The hydrogen plant in Hobro is soon ready for testing production of hydrogen, based upon power from wind turbines. The plant is part of the HyBalance project, which will demonstrate how the grid can be balanced through production of hydrogen, and how the hydrogen can be used in the industrial and mobility sector.

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Hydrogen Valley’s projects and activities

At Hydrogen Valley we transform the ambitious Danish climate visions into action. The center conducts and assists in activities and creates business models which establish how hydrogen and biogas can advance a green transition of the Danish Energy system.





E-fuels must be part of EU directive

For a while it looked like the production and usage of electro fuels weren’t going to be included in the calculations of how much we reduce our CO2 emissions. This is despite the fact that e-fuels can replace fossil fuels as gasoline and diesel and contribute to reduce the CO2 emissions in the transport sector – one of the big challenges in the green transition of our society

We are referring to the new directive – Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) – which EU is to negotiate a settlement on in the first quarter of 2018. A directive, which presents how we can reduce the CO2 emissions until 2030. The directive also decides which initiatives can be included when the total calculations are made up.

But is it important to include the e-fuels? […]