We strive to transform the Danish climate visions in to action

How can hydrogen and biogas take part in the green transition of the Danish energy system? This is our main focus in Hydrogen Valley.
We conduct and assist in activities and contribute to job-creation together with national- and international partners.

The first fuel cell bus event in Denmark will take place in September


On September 12, 2017, the first fuel cell bus event in Denmark will take place in Copenhagen. Organised by Ballard Europe, Nel Hydrogen, Solaris, Brintbranchen and Hydrogen Valley, the event, named FCB CPH17, will highlight the importance of applying fuel cell buses for the future of clean, green public transport.

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The Canadian Ambassador visited Ballard Europe in Hobro


On Thursday June 8, the Canadian Ambassador to Denmark, Emi Furuya, and Trade Commissioner, Adeline Grenier, visited Hobro. They visited the fuel cell company Ballard Europe to talk about the Danish-Canadian collaboration on the development of clean energy technologies.

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Course for technicians of FCH vehicles brings project partners to Aberdeen


On May 17 and 18, the partners behind the FCH Train project were once again gathered as the second partner meeting took place in Aberdeen, Scotland. The meeting was hosted at Aberdeen City Council, who is one of the partners in the project along with Ballard Europe, Van Hool, Mercantec and Hydrogen Valley/CEMTEC.

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Hydrogen Valley’s projects and activities

At Hydrogen Valley we transform the ambitious Danish climate visions into action. The center conducts and assists in activities and creates business models which establish how hydrogen and biogas can advance a green transition of the Danish Energy system.





EU’s ambitious goals of reducing CO2 within transport and agriculture is a gift to the Danish innovation!

For a long time, Denmark has been in front in the green transition of the energy system – going from fossil fuels to renewable resources. This willingness to adapt is resting on a brave and ambitious political vision, which people have taken to heart and supported. The believe that climate change is real, that it benefits to conserve energy, to insulate and being willing to adapt and invest in alternative energy technology within solar and wind, are what have brought Denmark in the international driver’s seat.

The specific solution ingenuity and development is propelled by scientists, companies, organisations and entrepreneurs with good ideas, and likewise supported by the majority of the Danish parliament […]