About Hydrogen Valley

Hydrogen Valley is a non-profit center who strives to transform the ambitious Danish climate visions in to action. Our focus is green gasses – primarily hydrogen and biogas.

The center conducts and assists in activities which establish how hydrogen and biogas can advance a green transition of the Danish Energy system. We do this in close cooperation with companies, organizations and public authorities.

Hydrogen Valley is attracting investments within green renewable energy to Denmark. This includes acquiring necessary funding from a variety of different sources and funds – an area in which we have showed competences with innovative projects over the last 10 years, and which has resulted in the creation of more than 200 jobs.

The Danish energy agency has identified hydrogen and biogas as important elements in the transition of the Danish energy system. The long-term goal set by the majority of the national parliament of Denmark is that the entire energy system is to be covered by renewable energy by 2050.

Together with the energy created by wind turbines, green gasses can replace oil and natural gas within the transport-, power- and heating sector. And the potential is already present in modern technology within production, storage and distribution of hydrogen and biogas.

Hydrogen Valley is located in the northern part of Denmark. And with its unique location it is only half an hour drive from the university cities Aarhus and Aalborg.