Our history

With an aim to develop and increase the industrial development within the energy sector, the northern region of Denmark decided in 2001 to open a business park in the city of Hobro, located in northern Jutland.

The Business Park was given the name CEMTEC which is short for Center for Energy and Material Technology, and was inaugurated in 2002 by the then municipality of Hobro and Hobro Business Council.

The vision was to combine knowledge, innovation and networking in a strong concept, which gives the individual company a significant competitive- and developmental advantage.

The facilities were quickly rented out to innovative companies, which, since then, have contributed to maintain and further advance the industrial development and population growth, which the area has experienced within the last years.

At the time the CEMTEC organization was made up of two full-time employees whose main focus were to rent out and maintain the facilities and the buildings of the business park. Around 2005 the CEMTEC company profile was sharpened. CEMTEC was still in charge of maintaining the facilities, however simultaneously the organization started to implement activities and participate in projects with the main focus on the green transition of the Danish energy system.

Through the projects CEMTEC has over the years contributed to the creation of more than 200 jobs. These jobs are most often created in continuation of the projects.

Within the last years CEMTEC has also reaped regional-, national- and international acknowledgement from public figures and companies which has led to activities and a strong collaboration with stakeholders in- and outside of Denmark. Connecting this with a growing development and focus on green energy restructuring both in Denmark, but also in the rest of the world, the organization now has some new opportunities and will now and henceforward strive to transform the ambitious Danish climate visions in to action.

In order to indicate and visualize the development, which the organization has gone through it was decided in the beginning of 2015 that the center in the future will be branded as Hydrogen Valley in order to create consistency between the organization’s core competences and its name.

CEMTEC Business Park will continue to constitute the physical surroundings of Hydrogen Valley and its activities.

Our vision and mission


Based on the Danish enacted energy agreement which focuses on a future sustainable energy system our vision is to become the leading center for hydrogen and biogas for renewable growth and development.


Hydrogen Valley is a Knowledge & Business Center who explores the possibilities, attracts investments and accumulates knowledge, growth and jobs within the field of hydrogen and biogas as a part of the transition of the Danish energy system.
We do this in close cooperation with companies, organizations, universities and public authorities.