CO2 capture on Vindø Tegl


Vindø tegl has been owned by Randers tegl since 2007 and produces 22 million bricks annually. Randers Tegl is an energy-intensive company that uses approx. 15.7 million m3 of natural gas annually and emitted a total of 41,279 tonnes of CO2 in Denmark in 2020, of which 6,707 tonnes of CO2 is emitted from Vindø Tegl.  It is Randers Tegl’s ambition to be the leading supplier in Scandinavia of sustainable brick building materials, and there are expectations of growth in the coming years. With the ambition that Randers Tegl must at least meet the government’s 70% CO2 reduction target in 2030, and in the long run ensure CO2 neutrality, Randers Tegl wants to build knowledge with this project, paving andn preparing for the investment into a full-scale Co2 capture plant at Randers Tegl’s factories.

The Project

Considered most advanced in implementing sustainable solutions, Vindø Tegl will be serve as inspiration to also other plants owned by Randers Tegl.  The production at Vindø Tegl is run on natural gas and is partly based on biogas, financed through purchase of biogas certificates. The company operates several fully automated production facilities, including a 138 m long gas-fired oven that burns at 1,040 degrees.The project will result in a description of the technologies most fit to be used, why and how. It will present validations and analysis of the possible solutions, provide recommendation to fit the needs, facilities and physical possibilities at Vindø Tegl and in view of Randers Tegl’s others plants. Overall goal is to reuse Co2 in, for example, green fuels if considered technically and economically possible.


Expected Results

At Vindø Tegl, an investment into a CO2 capture plant is expected to contribute to the capture of approx. 6,707 tonnes of CO2 on an annual basis. The CO2 captured from Vindø tegl will be able to produce approx. 40 million liters of green fuels alongside hydrogen and oxygen.


The AAT technology (Advanced Amine Technology) is among the options uncovered and benchmarked in relation to operating patterns, energy consumption and flue gas quality/Co2 concentration. At the same time, greater knowledge about the flue gas, Co2 content is desired so that one has the opportunity to dimension the technically most attractive solution.

Time frame
2021 – 2023 (phase 1)


Randers Tegl A/S
CO2-Vision, supported by EU


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Business Developer

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