The purpose of the CrossCut project is to develop, test and demonstrate a sustainable hybrid back-up power system based on hydrogen fuel-cells. The back-up power solution is established at one of Stofa’s fiber-broadband sites in Denmark. Stofa has engaged itself into the CrossCut project with the purpose of contributing to a more sustainable society by supporting the transition towards a greener energy system.

The project has developed a standardized PEM (Proton Exhange Membrane) fuel-cell system with hybrid compatibility, which can be integrated with multiple products on the market with minimal configuration. 

Fuel-cell systems are characterized by significant options for scaling and flexibility. It is the goal and ambition that fuel-cell systems in the near future will be intelligently integrated with other energy storage solutions with the purpose of meeting the end-users needs for sustainable solutions for stationary and mobile applications.

The expansion of fuel-cell systems into new markets will contribute to an increase in production volume. Additionally, it will also contribute to a broader awareness of the existing solutions within the fuel-cell and hydrogen technologies for addressing the target of independence from fossil fuels in 2050.

The CrossCut project was completed at the end of 2020. The total budget for the project was 15 million DKK, with a contribution of 8,3 million DKK from the Danish programme EUDP.

Time frame 
October 2016 – December 2020



Ballard Power Systems Europe 
Aalborg Universitet
Hydrogen Valley


Søren Bjerregaard Pedersen

+45 20 27 92 42