Green Offshore Vessel

The Green Offshore Vessel project is developing a detailed overview of alternative green fuels for near-coastal vessels. Green Offshore Vessel establishes an informative basis for decision, considering both positives and negatives of each fuel-type. This will allow for a better decision-making process on which alternative fuels that can be utilized advantageously now and in the future.

The project partners will together propose a green solution for a specific vessel that is servicing windmills in the North Sea together with a description of the infrastructure needed for its realization.

The overview of alternative fuels will as far as possible be made publicly available for other shipping companies for the best utilization of the knowledge in the project.

Time frame
April 2020 – November 2021

Den Danske Maritime Fond


Energy Innovation Cluster
Aarhus Universitet, Institut for ingeniørvidenskab
Hydrogen Valley
CS Electric
Odense Maritime Technology
Ballard Power Systems Europe 
Dansk Ingeniør Service


Søren Bjerregaard Pedersen

+45 20 27 92 42

John Kjær
Head of Fuel Cell Projects

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