Læsø ferry
e-methanol retrofit

Innovation project that explores the possibility of retrofitting Magrete ferry to run on methanol as a green alternative to diesel and powered by fuel cells. As a proof of concept, the project may pave as inspiration to 53 other ferry routes in Denmark alone, and throughout Europe +1,000.

The project visions the Magrete as reduced in its particle emissions and sustainable throughout its life path. That involves conversion of engines, generators, and handling of fuels. And a smart approach to the processes of conversion needs to be considered. The innovation project will also address requirements to fueling, installation, handling, and safety.

About Rederiet Læsø and Magrete

Today, Rederiet Læsø has two older diesel ferries daily crossing a route from Frederikshavn to Vesterø Habor by 4-8 trips. This requires around 1,600 cubic meters of diesel oil annually, which emits around 5,000 tonnes of CO2. Replacing diesel to methanol as a carrier to hydrogen and diesel generators to the fuel cell technology will significantly reduce CO2 and particle emissions. And as a future goal, the ferries will run on green methanols. contributing to NetZero and setting Rederiet Læsø in favourable economic position to avoid taxations.

Rederiet Læsø plans to invest in a new ferry in 2024-2025, replacing the eldest one. While the simple answer would be to replace both ferries, ie Magrete also, considerations needs to be done in terms of its expected reminder lifetime and the environmental potential of rebuilding rather than wasting.

Study trip to Stenaline Germanica

As part of the prestudy, delegates from the supply chain in consortium went to visit Stenaline in Gøteborg and to inspect Stenaline Germanica. In 2015, Stena Germanica became the world’s first RoPax vessel converted to run on both diesel and methanol. The delegates were given a guided tour onboard Stena Germanica and given great insights into the experiences of the process to Stenaline Germanica.

Time frame

Energy Cluster Denmark, in project “Innovation collaborations in offshore cluster”


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John Lindegård Kjær
Head of Business Development

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