Bioenergy-models in North Jutland (Nordjyske Bioenergimodeller)

The purpose of the project was to develop business models for greater utilization of biomass in the local energy production. Focus was on investigating if biomass, wood chips and straw could be integrated into the local energy supply. Additionally, the project focused on strengthening cooperation between agriculture, energy consumers and the municipalities as stakeholders.

The project was completed in a consortium which represented the stakeholders within the value-chain for biomass to energy consumption and it covered the four municipalities of Frederikshavn, Thisted, Vesthimmerland og Mariagerfjord. 

Time frame
2011 – 2014

Den Europæiske Regionalfond


Frederikshavn Kommune
Thisted Kommune 
Vesthimmerlands Kommune 
Mariagerfjord Kommune
Hydrogen Valley


Søren Bjerregaard Pedersen

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