Our history

The business park in Hobro was commissioned in 2001 with an ambition to support and promote business development within the energy sector in North Jutland. The center was opened and inaugurated in 2002 under the name CEMTEC (Center for Energy and Material Technology). CEMTEC was initiated by the former Hobro Municipality and Hobro Erhvervsråd.

The purpose was to combine knowledge, innovation, and networking into one strong concept that gives the individual company a significant competitive edge in terms of development. The business park was within a short period of time occupied by innovative companies and it underpinned the continuous business development. Today, CEMTEC houses around 23 innovative companies.

Around 2005 the profile of CEMTEC advanced as the organization started developing and participating in project activities related to the green transition of the Danish energy system.

To indicate and visualize this organizational evolvement, it was in 2015 decided to promote the project organization as Hydrogen Valley, to create a better consistency between activities and name.

The organization has within the last years received great regional, national, and international recognition amongst public and private organizations, which has led to a significant series of activities and collaborations within and outside of Denmark. Combined with the increased progress of the green transition, Hydrogen Valley provides new possibilities for realizing Power-to-X ideas to concrete action.

The CEMTEC business park also constitutes the physical frame around the activities of the project organization Hydrogen Valley.