Hydrogen Valley has more than 15 years of experience in bringing Power-to-X from idea to action. In collaboration with partners and stakeholders, we have helped putting the green transition on the agenda both locally, nationally and internationally.

Want us to pressure test your Power-to-X idea together? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Hydrogen Valley can uncover the potential of your Power-to-X considerations and translate project ideas into action and execution. We implement projects, develop business models and concepts, and we uncover opportunities for partnerships and financing.

We understand the complexity of project-based tasks and help ensure the right coordination of the project that matches your requirements and needs.

Concept design: In the first phase, we can help conceptualize your idea, where we together verify the idea’s relevance and market readiness, as well as whether there is a basis for moving on to phase 2. We can also help to divide the workflow into phases that are conducive to the further work, as well as undertake the initial technical calculations that should form the basis for the investment decision. In addition, we assist with strategic communication to decision makers and investors, and we are a link between technicians and business people.

Partnership: A strong partnership is both a foundation and a prerequisite for the project idea to be implemented. Hydrogen Valley has a large network of companies in various branches of the energy value chain both nationally and internationally. We know how to best coordinate between project partners from different countries and organizations, and we can point out the right partners who can help realize exactly your idea – from technology and knowledge supplier and implementation to future customers.

Financing: Once the conceptualisation and partnership have been mapped, the need for financing is also clear in phase 3. Hydrogen Valley can carry out a screening of financing options, which can give you a valid decision basis for whether to invest in the project and the subsequent project application. If you continue with the project, Hydrogen Valley can also help you write an application and prepare the right data and information in the financing process.

Execution: Once the project application has been submitted and approved in phase 4, a great deal of work awaits in initiating the project tasks so that the path from technology to market can be matured. Hydrogen Valley has solid competencies in project management, administration and dissemination of publicly supported energy projects, and we know how to make the project’s progress and results visible.

In short: we bring Power-to-X all the way from idea to market!

Har du en projektidé inden for Power-to-X?

Power-to-X teknologierne er en oplagt løsning til at realisere regeringens 2030-mål, og der er et stort behov for virksomheder, der kan udvikle produkter som kan udfase og reducere forbruget af fossile brændsler. Har du en Power-to-X projektidé? Så tøv ikke med at kontakte os. Vi tager gerne en indledende dialog og får afklaret dine muligheder.