We share, grow and reinvest

Within the last years, Hydrogen Valley Denmark has received great regional, national, and international recognition amongst public and private organizations, which has led to a significant series of activities and collaborations within and outside of Denmark. Combined with the increased progress of the green transition, Hydrogen Valley provides new possibilities for realizing Power-to-X ideas to concrete action.

We collaborate in networks, clusters, in CCUS innovation projects and pilot sites in both small and large-scale, partaking in consortiums crossing boundaries as well as different industries and players in the PtX value chain. Our knowhow has thus been built up from experience in many phases of green transitions and we are excited to continuously share the insights gained over years, grown it and nurture it into new projects.

For better results

  • Efficient value chain supportive to project

  • Reach and outreach for ressources and best competencies

  • Synergies from related national and international projects

Value chain is key!

Scaling across the PtX value chain from energy production, key technologies to end use scenarios challenge market players. Navigation is a challenge associated with both uncertainty and opportunity. At all levels, a well managed value chain and professional process can enhance seamless and efficient progress.

Uniting stakeholdes’s competencies across boundaries and CCUS diciplines is pivotal to secure share of knowhow on technology, innovations and pilot sites results. If it was easy, we wouldn’t need each other. Green energy transition happens as smoothly as we manage to collaborate, making sure value chains partners collaborate wisely and to the extent we are willing to share for acceleration and put words into actions.

Søren Bjerregaard Pedersen
CEO, Hydrogen Valley

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