Tap into the emerging hydrogen economy

Industrial processes and activities generate emissions of hazardous substances, like nitrogen oxide, ammonia, mercury and carbon dioxide. These substances pollute the water, air and soil and cause damage to human health, the environment and nature. If emissions from electricity use are allocated to the industrial end-use sector, industrial activities account all together accounts for the largest share of the world’s harmfull greenhouse gas emissions.

According to forecasts, industries (for heat, steam and reducing agent (steel industry) purposes) are expected to be one of the biggest drivers for demand in hydrogen by 2050. Hydrogen is not only an enabler to become net-zero, but also a key opportunity for companies in industry to generate new sustainable revenue streams by deploying new business models in a profitable way. Several industries have unique positions to tap into the hydrogen economy, but they need to think and rethink strategically on how to position and interact with the hydrogen ecosystem and value chain to add such value. Companies can leverage their global assets, interlinked supply chains, existing sales and distribution networks, and hands-on engineering knowledge to kickstart their role in the hydrogen economy.

Possible ways for industries to reduce emissions:

  • Develop cutting-edge waste gas management solutions.

  • Construct an industrial scale carbon capture capacity where CO2 will be combined with green hydrogen to produce renewable hydrocarbons (AT).

  • Secure pipeline network connecting industrial sites.

  • Install large-capacity electrolyser to power eg. refinery

  • Establish power-to-gas energy storage facilities.

  • CO2 captured using a liquid solvent or other separation methods.



– We help you develop decarbonisation strategies and present calculations of reduction potentials and profitability cases on:

  • The replacement of natural gas with biogas or hydrogen
  • CCS as an alternative to CO2 quota purchases
  • Energy savings and optimization
  • Electrification of processes

– We suggest concrete actions on how you can best realize reduction potentials and prioritize your areas of action


In Hydrogen Valley, we help realize PtX projects from their initial stages and into operations. Our case portfolios cover collaborations into a vast area of research and demonstration projects. Below is a selection of cases related to industry.

Let’s Collaborate

We help partners accelerate their green transitions.

Our vast knowhow tap into the main trends in the green transition, including the potentials for Industry to work in circular eco-systems. We collaborate with different industries in both funded projects as innovation partner or as a trusted consultancy partner to their green transitions.


  • Site options discovery and assessments
  • Technology and application  assessments
  • Concept options / Plant design overview
  • Pre-feasibility study / viability assessment
  • Market analysis regulatory overview
  • Funding options overview
  • Early stage project ideation and outreach

Project Structuring

  • Site selection, permission overview
  • Technology selection and supplier shortlisting
  • Shortlisting of 3. party engineering companies
  • Business case modelling & optimization
  • Offtaker identification & initial discussions
  • Funding strategy, consortium gathering
  • Outreach/communication  consortium partners


  • Permissions and approvals application support
  • Supplier negotiation benchmark and selection
  • Support FEED dialogue as “owners engineer”
  • Preparation of “bankable” business case for FID
  • Support offtaker negotiations
  • Funding application support
  • PR and communication, local community dialogue


  • Support implementation and commissioning
  • Support supplier dialogue as “owners engineer”
  • Support implementation as “owners engineer”
  • Contract/budget progress support during implementation
  • Support offtaker dialogue
  • Reporting and communication (funded projects)
  • PR and communication project implementation progress


  • Considering next phase project extension
  • Service and maintenance optimization
  • Technical asset optimization
  • Value and revenue optimization
  • New offtakers/customer opportunities
  • Reporting and communication (funded projects)
  • PR and communication, project impact and benefits

Project Coordination / Management

In Project Management, we are your experienced, trusted and unbiased partner taking the process smoothly from A-Z.

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