The project develops new methods for testing and operating individual PtX components and the total system. This supports the scale-up, business case and technology platform for production of green fuels.

It thus paves the way to a stronger integration of PtX plants with the overall energy systems by looking at modelling, control systems, and overall dynamics of the plants.

Digitalization for flexible, dynamic, and efficient operation of grid integrated PtX plants requires:

  1. Simulation, forecasting, monitoring, control, and optimization methods
  2. Fault-detection, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance methods for components
  3. Real-time hardware-in-the loop emulation and test facilities for components and systems in lab and at full scale

The holistic approach includes the electricity grid, solar and wind power production, power converters (AC to DC), electrolyzers, air separation, ammonia and methanol production, and their interfaces to the electricity-, heat- and gas-grids. We develop these forecasting- and optimization-based control systems and use test facilities of these components and systems to enable integrated PtX facilities to operate safely, flexibly, and efficiently.


  • Simulation, forecasting, monitoring, control, and optimization methods on component level.

  • Fault-detection, condition monitoring for components.

  • Real-time hardware-in-the loop emulation and test facilities for components. This improves the business case for PtX plants and supports further funding and investments PtX components and plants.

  • Communications and PR on the project.

Safe, flexible, and efficient operation of PtX facilities requires competences within simulation, forecasting, control, fault-detection, predictive maintenance, real-time hardware-in-the loop test facilities for components and systems. All these competences are represented at the 3 most important technical universities and the 2 RTOs included in the project. The project is aligned with several large full scale PtX facilities in process of establishment. The project is open to include future upcoming PtX installation as well.

The project will have activities nationwide represented by test facilities at knowledge institutions, demonstration plants and full scale PtX facilities widespread across Denmark. International knowledge sharing will be performed through the knowledge institutions and the partners with international activities.

The project is also characterized by having a large number SME included. The participating SME cover the whole PtX-chain both components and systems.

Project Title


Time Frame

August 1st 222 – August 1st 2025


Teknologisk Institut
Technical University of Denmark
Aalborg Universitet
Syddansk Universitet
Alexandra Instituttet
Topsoe A/S
Green Hydrogen Systems A/S
DynElectro ApS
Aabenraa Havn
EMD International A/S
CI ETF I Hoest P/S
European Energy A/S
2-control ApS
Energicenter Nord ApS
Skovgaard Energy ApS
EWII Energi A/S

Financed By

DYNFLEX is financed by Innovation Fund Denmark.