One of Hydrogen Valley’s close business collaborators; the leading Danish producer of hydrogen fueling stations, H2 Logic has been acquired by the Norwegian company NEL ASA, who describes H2 Logic as being the world’s best within its field.

Hydrogen Valley has also had the pleasure of collaborating with H2 Logic. Among other things, it can be highlighted that H2 Logic in 2006 contributed significantly with their knowledge about hydrogen technology as well as branding of the Hydrogen Valley area. This contribution was one of the reasons that convinced the municipality of Mariagerfjord to focus on hydrogen and fuel cells activities.

H2 Logic has been acquired by the Norwegian producer of Electrolyser facilities, NEL ASA, with the Norwegian billionaire Øystein Stray Spetalen in charge, and it was Spetalen who reached out to H2 Logic. Spetalen states that H2 Logic is the best within this field. The technology is acknowledged by all big car manufacturers, gas suppliers and by Shell.

H2 Logic was founded in 2003 by four young engineer students, and since then the company has grown rapidly. Today, the company has 40 employees and a turnover in 2014 of 34.4 m. DKK.

H2 Logic has delivered 20 hydrogen fueling stations to seven European countries and is currently working on establishing stations in some of the larger cities in Denmark in collaboration with Strandmøllen and OK. The aim with the hydrogen fueling stations is to create a coherent system of hydrogen filling stations, which will make it possible to drive across Denmark in a FC-vehicle.

Together with the French company Air Liquide, H2 Logic has invested in the company Copenhagen Hydrogen Network A/S (CHN). The two partners have invested in hydrogen fueling stations in six cities in Denmark (Copenhagen, Herlev, Køge, Vejle, Holstebro and Aalborg).

NEL ASA produces electrolysis facilities, which are utilized for the production of hydrogen from renewable energy sources. NEL ASA dates back to 1927 and has delivered more than 500 facilities to 50 different countries.

According to the managing director of H2 Logic, Jacob Krogsgaard, the company will continue as hitherto and contribute to the long-term continuity and growth of the business, and they will still own 85,6 percent of the company assets. But with this new acquisition it will possible for H2 Logic to look into new markets and dream bigger.

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