On 19 April executive director of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), Bart Biebuyck visited Hydrogen Valley in Hobro, Denmark. On the photo, Bart Biebuyck (to the right) is photographed with project manager from Hydrogen Valley, Hans-Jørgen Brodersen.

The executive officer had made the journey from Brussels to Hobro to learn more about how companies and organisations are working with hydrogen and fuel cells – especially through the projects made possible by funding from FCH JU over the years.

Hydrogen Valley and Ballard Europe A/S hosted the visit, and had for this special occasion made up a tight program for the executive officer.

The day started off with a visit to Ballard Europe A/S. Here Bart Biebuyck got an introduction to Ballard Europe’s work with and development of fuel cell systems, which are used as back-up power and for fuel cell vehicles such as busses and fork lifts. Ballard Europe A/S is participating in several projects. And with funding from FCH JU,  amongst others, it has been possible for the company to further develop the fuel cell technology and systems with a view to create more environmentally friendly solution to the energy- and transport sector.

Afterwards Bart Biebuyck visited the construction site in the southern part of Hobro, where the hydrogen facility is being build. The facility will by the end deliver green hydrogen for transportation and in the industrial sector.

The Hydrogen facility is a part of the HyBalance project, which is also funded by FCH JU and the Danish ForskEl program, which is administered by Energinet.dk. The executive director was very pleased to see how funding from FCH JU is contributing to the green transition of the energy system in Denmark.

Lastly, the visit took Bart Biebuyck to Aalborg. Here the executive director was to visit Serenergy, who develops and manufactures methanol fuel cells. Representatives from Aalborg University were also present and introduced the university’s many fuel cell and electrolysis activities.

Bart Biebuyck flew back to Brussels on Wednesday night, and he was very satisfied with his visit to North Denmark.

Bart Biebuyck took up the position as executive director for FCH JU in May 2016. Together with a large team of employees, he has the responsibility for the programs and activities within fuel cells, hydrogen and alternative fuels (FCH JU).

FCH JU is a public private partnership supporting research, technological development and demonstration activities in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe. Read more about FCH JU here.

For more information about the visit, please contact project manager, Hans-Jørgen Brodersen from Hydrogen Valley at: +45 26 88 02 28 or  hansj@hydrogenvalley.dk

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