How do we increase the usage of hydrogen and other green gasses in the transport sector? That is one of the areas, which Hans Jørgen Brodersen will be focusing on in his new role as project manager at Hydrogen Valley.

The transition from using fossil fuels to renewable energy is necessary and very interesting. And the hurdle is how we get the transport sector to jump the bandwagon in the green transition, says Hans Jørgen Brodersen.

In his role as project manager, Hans Jørgen will take initiative to and create new projects, which establish how hydrogen can be used in the transport sector – and this includes both busses, forklifts and cars.

From 2017 there will in Hobro be produced green hydrogen to charge a fleet of more than 1000 hydrogen cars. This becomes reality, when a new established hydrogen facility is ready to produce hydrogen, which is produced from water electrolysis and enables the storage of cheap renewable electricity from wind turbines. The project is called HyBalance, and has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking and the Danish ForskEL program.

The project is a partnership between Air Liquide, Hydrogenics, Neas Energy, Ludwig Bölkow Systemtechnik og Hydrogen Valley.

Hans Jørgen Brodersen has for many years worked with energy technologies and environmental management, among other things as manager of the testcenter for wave energy in Hanstholm.

Hans Jørgen has a Master of Engineering and has for a number of years been employeed at Aalborg University and Deloitte. Hans Jørgen has also participated in the preparation of the Professional Engineering Academy’s acclaimed estimations on national strategies for energy.

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