Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S has in collaboration with Aalborg University developed a new software program for hybrid back-up power systems which can contribute to bring down CO2 emissions.

Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S in Hobro specialises in fuel cell solutions, that e.g. can be used in back up power systems, which keeps telephone masts and fibre broad band working if we should experience a power failure.

The idea of combing fuel cell systems with other hybrid solutions is not yet advanced, but this will the ongoing project called CrossCut alter. In the project a prototype hybrid back-up system with fuel cells will be developed and tested. During 2018 the system will be installed at one of Stofas broad band sites in Denmark.

The hybrid back-up system will get solar panels on the roof along with different types of batteries and build-in fuel cells.  As the project is cutting across existing energy- and storage technologies in combination with fuel cell systems, there is a huge demand on the technologies and the fact that they can work together.

That is why Ballard Europe and Aalborg University in the CrossCut project have developed an operational software system which can estimate commercial and technical consequences of the different combinations of lithium-ion batteries and lead-based batteries in the hybrid solutions. Later, in the project, the software will be developed so it also includes fuel cells.

In the longer term the software will be web-based and will be able to accommodate all customer needs.

The group behind the CrossCut project hope that the software can validate the various technology interaction, and at the same time configure the solution which meets the individual customer need what ever it might be CO2 reduction, minimised OPEX or back-up systems for long power failures.

The penetration of fuel cell systems on new markets will contribute to develop the production base, increase the volume of production and hereby contribute to reduce the expenses on fuel cells.

The CrossCut project is a collaboration between Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S, Aalborg University, Stofa and Hydrogen Valley.

CrossCut is funded by the Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) who has granted 8,3 million DKK to the project. The project will be completed by the end of 2019.

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