The Taiwanese company, M-Field, has moved into the CEMTEC facilities in Northern Jutland.

With an ambitious vision to create a better and greener world for future generations, M-Field has been devoted to the Fuel Cell Technology for more than ten years, and has now decided to expand the business with a subdivision in Europe.

RD Manager Justin Chou states: “M-FIELD Energy Ltd. has been dedicated to the development of fuel cell systems since 2000 in Taiwan, and now the company is expanding in Europe. The two major product technologies of the company are:

1) Uninterruptible extended energy backup solution using hydrogen from water electrolysis (UEH series)  

2) Hydrogen fuel cell pack for industrial trucks (TVH series).

The two product technologies are developed for the usage in energy independence and security by utilizing hydrogen as energy carrier.

M-Field has a firm believe that the hydrogen and fuel cell business segment will continue to grow and will contribute to shape our future energy system, as the character of hydrogen and fuel cell is clean and high efficient. M-Field sees great potential in Denmark and especially in Northern Jutland. Here M-Field will be able to support the efforts going forward in the development of the hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

Justin Chou substantiates “Since M-FIELD is committed to a clean sustainable energy business by providing green power solutions, this match perfectly with the vision and goals of Hydrogen Valley – Knowledge & Business Center. Therefore, we establish the first European branch office in the business park CEMTEC in Hobro, looking forward to collaborate with other renewable energy partners nearby, we believe the opportunities of networking and mutual cooperation in Hydrogen Valley are an important criteria for catalyzing our green energy business together”.

In June 2014, M-Field signed an agreement with the Canadian company Ballard Power Systems for the sub-license of intellectual property to M-Field for material handling systems to the deployment in Europe. Ballard also provided M-Field with engineering services support in the first months of 2015 through the company’s subsidiary in Denmark, Dantherm Power A/S, who is also located in Hobro in the CEMTEC business park.

Read more about the company here: www.m-field.com.tw 

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