Belgium is connecting to the growing European hydrogen station network with its 1st public station.

A new hydrogen station has arisen in Zaventem, Belgium. The hydrogen station is located on Toyota-owned land leased to Air Liquide, who has also designed and built the station.

The hydrogen station will not only serve fuel cells cars such as the Toyota Mirai, but it will also serve trucks and busses which run on hydrogen.

The opening of the first hydrogen station in the Brussels region paves the way for the start of sales of the Toyota Mirai in Belgium. Beligium is the 4th European country to start selling the fuel cell car following the UK, Germany and Denmark. Later this year, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands will also introduce the Toyota Mirai.

This station is the first of 20 planned hydrogen stations in Flanders.

Read more and see pictures from the opening here: www.blog.toyota.eu  


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