In 2018, the Dutch rail network will be running solely on wind from renewable energy created by wind turbines.

The Netherlands have made an ambitious goal. In 2018, the rail network will be running solely on renewable wind energy. Half of the energy demand will be sourced from windfarms in the Netherlands and the other half will be sourced from a number of winds farms in Belgium and Scandinavia.

And the ambitious goal is within reach. Half of the fleet of trains will run on renewable energy in 2015, rising to 70% in 2016, 95% in 2017, and then finally 100% by 2018.

Under the terms of the deal, half of the NS fleet of electric trains will run on green energy in 2015, rising to 70% the following year, 95% in 2017, with the goal of a 100% renewable network by 2018.

These green goals are settled under a new energy contract between power supplier Eneco and VIVENS, an energy procurement joint venture comprising Netherlands Railways (NS), Veolia, Arriva, Connexxion and rail freight firms.

According to account manager at Eneco, Michel Kerkhof, this historic deal has the potential to revolutionize how renewable energy is utilized in the rail sector but also in other primary industries.

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