On Tuesday, the 29th of September, the hydrogen fuel cell car Toyota Mirai will be introduced in Copenhagen.

When the much-anticipated Toyota Mirai will be presented on Tuesday, Denmark will be one of the first countries that gets to introduce the hydrogen fuel cell car. Copenhagen is, by Toyota, chosen as one of the first European Markets along with London, Hamburg and Munich.

The number of hydrogen fuel cell cars to arrive in Denmark will however be limited, as Toyota sees the next years as a maturing process. The plan is to disseminate knowledge about the hydrogen fuel cell car along with the expansion of the hydrogen refueling stations.

Denmark has already positioned itself in the front with a total of seven hydrogen refueling stations and several more will be build in the coming years.

Toyota Mirai uses hydrogen as fuel to generate electricity, and emits no CO2 or pollutants – in fact, the only waste product is water.

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